Thursday, May 29, 2014

Master Model Home – May 16, 1931

Whenever I'm scrolling through old newspaper microfilm at the library, I usually like to save a copy of any old model home ads or articles that I run across, like the one above. Why? Because it gives me an opportunity to do a "then and now" photo comparison (and when you have been doing them as long as I have, you need some "fresh meat" once in a while).

The house above at 1086 Hawthorne Avenue in Lorain was quite special when it was featured in the Saturday, May 16, 1931 Lorain Journal. It was referred to as the Master Model Home and even received its own section of the paper that day. (The above photo and caption is only a sample of the ample news coverage.)

1931 Reo-Royale Eight ad
Constructed by local contractors Ule, Ule and Ule, the house was considered the "last thing in modern construction." It was fireproof and built with a steel framework, which was probably a big selling point since the infamous 1924 Lorain Tornado was still a recent memory.

All rooms were sound-proof. The basement had a finished recreation room separate from "the working part."

In the garage and on display for visitors to see on the day of the Open House was a Reo Royale Eight, furnished by Frank S. Rathwell Motor Sales Agency of Lorain.

I drove by the Master Model Home last weekend and grabbed my "now" shot. I was happy to see that it's still as attractive as it was when it was introduced to the public back in 1931, 83 years ago this month.

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