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Anchor Lodge Hotel Opening Ad – May 28, 1948

Here's the ad announcing the opening of the new Anchor Lodge Hotel on West Erie Avenue. The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on May 28, 1948 – 66 years ago today.

I first blogged about Anchor Lodge back here.

The article below also ran in the Journal on the same day and provides some background information.


Vintage postcard showing a room
Unique in every detail, Anchor Lodge, believed to be the only apartment-hotel of its kind on the entire length of U. S. Route 6, will be open for public inspection Sunday.

Built by Dr. J. R. Busek at a cost of $325,000, the lodge is located on the bank of Lake Erie one mile west of Lorain.

The 28-apartment, two-story building was designed entirely by Dr. and Mrs. Busek. Mrs. Busek will act as manager.

Apartments range in size equivalent to one to four rooms. Each is complete with tiled bathroom, in-a-door bed and store, refrigerator and sink in one unit. All rooms are carpeted and all windows are draped and equipped with venetian blinds.

Vintage postcard showing a lobby
and fireplace
There are two spacious lobbies, one on each floor. Each lobby as large windows overlooking the lake and the highway and each has a fireplace.

The building is air-conditioned and in cold weather is heated by a radiant heating system. Accommodations include maid service.

The lodge is open to traveler-transients as well as permanent residential people. After the public opening Sunday, it will be open for business Sunday night, Dr. Busek said.

Here's a color postcard of Anchor Lodge that shows up regularly on Ebay.

Undated vintage postcard
And here's the "now" view (below) of the former hotel, now Anchor Lodge Retirement Village, a part of the Sprenger Health Care Systems.

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Anonymous said...

I took my first swim lessons at anchor lodge pool. Probably around 1958 or 1959. Peg