Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ohio Snowstorm – January 23, 1963

Fifty years ago today – January 23, 1963 (which was also a Wednesday) – Ohio was also dealing with severe winter weather, as the front of The Journal from that day (at left) describes. (Click on it for a larger view.)

Early morning temperatures that day ranged from 8 to 16 degrees above zero. A low of zero degrees for that night was predicted.

The photo depicts some prankster's little joke: offering snow-covered Lakeview Park beach for sale via a real estate sign.

It must have been a rough winter so far, as the five inches of snow that fell on Lorain County during that storm made it the second big storm of that season, according to the article.

According to one article, "Snow accumulations on city streets during the night were taken care of immediately by the street department crews." Boy, do I miss those days in Lorain.

There's something else to be nostalgic about here. Did you see the price of the Journal back then? Seven cents!

I also miss the look of the paper back then. I like the type fonts; they really defined the personality of the paper for decades. Plus, really large headlines were reserved for big news stories like this.


Ken said...

I like the five digit phone number too. Looks like nuclear talks between JFK and Kruschev took a back seat. Was this the storm that snowed us in? I remember following Dad as he dug his way down the sidewalk, don't know where we were going, probably Whalen's, breaking into the channels dug out by other people, the snow so high I couldnt' see over it.

Anonymous said...

I found the peek at the article on Sunday closings was certainly nostalgic.225cefuless

-Alan D Hopewell said...

School didn't close for us until the second day, after parents (including my mother)complained, because we had to stand out in the -20 degree cold, waiting for the teachers to get there.