Friday, January 18, 2013

Kline's Sixth Street Entrance Then & Now

To finally close out my series on Kline's, here's a nifty photo (above) from December 1969 showing Kline's Sixth Street entrance. It sure is unique how the Gould Block wraps around the other building.

My mother says she used Kline's Sixth Street entrance more often than the Broadway entrance, since she usually parked on Sixth Street. If you remember from Part 4 of this blog history, the store's Sixth Street entrance was apparently closed for some time and was reopened in 1955. It sounds like the modern sign was added at that time, according to the article.

And here's the corresponding view from today (below).

It's no wonder so much of Downtown Lorain looks so strange to me these days. With the passing of so many decades since its heyday, and the many aesthetic changes made to buildings, it's hard for me to remember what businesses occupied the many empty storefronts.


Stephanie said...

Going to Kline's was a treat! From there we would go to the Style Center. On the way back to Avon Lake, we'd stop at Dutch Treat for a double-dip cone.

Drew Penfield said...

All four buildings in the 1969 photo are still there. That's becoming a rare thing in Lorain.