Friday, January 11, 2013

History of Kline's - Part 3

Here's a sampling of Kline's ads through the years. (Click on each of them for a larger version.) It's interesting watching how the ads changed, and how the logo evolved.

Here's one (below) from the year the store opened in Lorain. It ran on Friday, November 7, 1913 in The Lorain Times-Herald. It's the oldest ad that I was able to find on microfilm for 1913 and may very well be the ad introducing Lorain shoppers to Kline's.

November 7, 1913 ad
This 1928 ad (below) appeared in The Lorain Times-Herald on November 12, a few days before the new store opened at Broadway and Sixth. It's a nice statement of the Kline's business philosophy.

November 12, 1928 ad
This two page spread (below) ran two days later, the day before the new store opened at Broadway and Sixth. As you can see, the store carried an incredible variety of items.

November 14, 1928 ad
Here's a neat Founders Day ad (below) that ran in the newspaper on May 24, 1935. It celebrated the 61st anniversary of the business.

May 24, 1935 newspaper ad

Jumping ahead to the 1940s, here's a 1947 ad (below) that ran in the Lorain Journal. It's amazing how different and modern the ads looked by then. 

May 2, 1947 ad
The 1947 Lorain City Directory ad (below) stated the store's motto very simply.

Here's a Valentine's Day-themed ad from 1956 that seems pretty racy (below)!
February 10, 1956 ad

Here's one (below) that's a little more conservative, from May 1959.
May 1959 ad

Here's one from 1964 (below).  
June 1964 ad

And here's an ad from the end of Kline's days in Lorain – the year it closed: 1975 (below). 

January 1975 ad

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Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

I have a beautiful blue and white "Bates" style chenille bedspread that I quit using so I could preserve it. So, now it is in a plastic bag all of the time. I have found memories of Klines store for shopping for clothes and household goods like bedspreads and sheets.