Thursday, August 23, 2012

Route 18 Wellington Businesses Then & Now

While I was out in Wellington during my vacation recently, I thought I would shoot a "then and now" for my blog.

The problem was, there weren't too many vintage Wellington postcards on Ebay, and I had none in my file. But I found the below above on the Herrick Memorial Library website, which has a terrific collection of vintage photos of the town.

The caption for the photo read, "Businesses on the northeast side of Wellington's Business district during the 1960's. Identifying signs such as Wellington Hardware, Furniture, Dry Goods, and Bevier's are shown."

Route 18 runs from east to west in front of the buildings, which are on the north side of the street across from the Herrick Memorial Library. In the foreground is Route 58.

Here's the "now" shot.

It was a busy traffic day when I shot this, and it was a challenge to get the shot without a bunch of cars in the foreground. I'm surprised my hanging around the square with a camera didn't attract too much attention.

Anyway, I still remember a great store – the Goodie Barn – that was a lot of fun to explore during the late 1980s. It used to be in the second or third building from the corner and was packed with good deals.

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Anonymous said...

I was home last Spring and found a GREAT Washington, DC postcard in the antique shop located in that building on the corner.