Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Lorain County Fair time!

Readers of this blog know that Lorain County Fair time is just about my favorite time of year. It's one last blast of fun before the end of summer, and a great kick-off to fall.

The photo above from August 12, 1953 is courtesy of the Herrick Memorial Library's website, and shows Lorain County Fair secretary C. L. Hill observing Doc Caywood, who is painting a large sign advertising the fair.

That's some great lettering. Sign painting is a real art, with a distinctive look that just can't be duplicated by a computer. In fact, some of the most popular fonts with designers are those that resemble those hand-drawn fonts, such as many of the fonts produced by this company.

Anyway, I'll be heading out to the Fair after work tonight for some good eatin' – so it looks like Midway Oh-Boys on the Midway tonight! Not to mention Rutana Apple Dumplings (hold the ice cream)...

See you there!

*** UPDATE ***

A welcome sight for hungry apple dumpling lovers
Well, I didn't have my usual Midway Oh-Boy at the fair tonight – the spouse talked me into a stromboli (which was terrific) – but I did get my Rutana's Hot Apple Dumpling. It was delicious as usual – fresh and flakey and with that great sauce. Of course the stromboli filled me up so much I was too full to enjoy my usual french fries drenched with salt and vinegar. Wahhhh!!

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