Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Masson Memories Part 1

March 2012 photo
You know you're getting old when all of your former schools – elementary, junior high and high school – are either closed or soon to be demolished. I guess it's all part of growing up in Lorain.

That's what I was thinking last week when I read (here) that the two Academies at the former Masson School were closing. Closing down the building was going to save the school district $375,000.

Of course, the building hasn't been used as an elementary school since Toni Morrison Elementary was built right next to it. And the junior high portion of the building hadn't been used for that purpose for years either, since "middle schools" are now the preferred concept.

But it's kinda sad knowing the building won't be used for anything at all now. And in Lorain, that usually means one thing: cue the wrecking ball!

Mrs. Pierce's First Grade Class, March 1966
I'll always have fond memories of Masson. I was lucky enough to be able to walk to an elementary school in my own neighborhood. How many kids do that anymore?

My brothers and I were also able to walk home for lunch. We would get home around noon, my Mom would have some sandwiches ready, and we would watch news or cartoons while we ate. Around twelve-thirty, it was time to head back or we'd be late.

It all seems so quaint now.

And the best thing was that when we were ready to go to junior high – well, Masson Junior High was right there. We just went in a different door.

Anyway, I'll always feel kind of sentimental about that building.

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-Alan D Hopewell said...

One thing I remember....Masson was never as cool as Hawthorne.

Dan Brady said...


Jerry A. McCoy said...

Front row, 3rd from left, Kim Krupp, my next door neighbor on N. Hogan Drive.

Top row, 1st from right, Bobby Peter(s)?

Top row, 5th from right, Bobby Campagna?

So many of the others look familiar even though this class was a year behind me. I sure remember Mrs. Pierce. She lived on Valleyview Drive in the Sherwood neighborhood. I use to play with her daughter Cathy. We would wade through the creek and climb the very steep hill that went up to her back yard.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Jerry,

Your first two identifications are correct; Bob Campana wasn't in this class, though--the lad in the photo was Steve Coteff (?) I think.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for info. on Dr. William E. Wheatley who had something to do with the mill when it first started. His address prior to 1910 was 681 13th Ave, now known as 1888 E. 31st Sreet.