Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Colgan Motors Then & Now

Back here, I talked about the building at 1803 Broadway that started out as the home of Colgan Motors in the 1920's, and ended up as an outlet for Forest City Auto Parts.

Well, a couple of days ago I was happy to find this photo, as well as some information about the company. It was all part of an ad for Colgan Motors that ran in the June 21, 1955 Lorain Journal. The caption read, "James F. Colgan came to Lorain from Elyria, Ohio, April 2, 1922, and started the Studebaker agency in a small frame house with just enough room for one car at 1797 Broadway under the name Colgan Motors. In 1924, Colgan built his present sales room and repair department, and at that time, took on the Packard agency along with Studebaker. In 1934, he started the Cadillac agency along with Studebaker, and he still operates the Cadillac agency. In May, 1954, Colgan Motors terminated its contract with the Studebaker Corporation after a period of 32 years."

It was quite a handsome building in its original form, with the Studebaker sign right where I thought it would be.

And here's the 'now' shot.

By the way, if you want to see another former Studebaker agency – but with its original sign intact – head over to 1290 W. 117th Street on the Lakewood/Cleveland border. I've driven by this for years, and always thought it was pretty cool. As you can see, the building (below) has certain similarities to the one at 1803 Broadway in Lorain.

February 2012 Photo
Today the building is the home for Air Rite Service.

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Drew Penfield said...

And well before that the entire block was the site of the Hayden Brass Works. Amazing, isn't it? With most places we know there was something there before it, and then something else before that. History on top of history on top of history!