Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Arvay's Potato Chip Can

After my post about Arvay's Potato Chips yesterday, I received an email from Jack Tiller. Mr. Tiller, you might recall, had the great Lorain bottle collection that included one of the Whistle soda pop variety that I had written about.

Well, today Mr. Tiller provided me with what I considered to be the Holy Grail photo of the moment: a photo of an Arvay's Potato Chip can. It has the tagline shown in the phone book ads – "the chip with the real flavor."

I had looked unsuccessfully through vintage grocery ads for some line art of an Arvay potato chip bag, a photo – anything – that might show what the Arvay product looked like. And here, it just shows up in my email courtesy of Mr. Tiller!

Seeing this photo reminded me of how my parents used to have Charles Chips delivered to our house in a can.

Anyway, special thanks to Mr. Tiller for providing this photo of what I'm sure is a much-remembered truly Lorain product.

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