Monday, July 11, 2011

The View From Broadway Feed & Pet Supply Then and Now

Since my blog pal and fellow ex-Lorainite Randall Chet of Octane Inc. left me a comment that he's enjoying these summer of 1986 then-and-now photos, I'm going to keep them going for a little while! (Special thanks to the unknown photographer and the owner of the photos for providing all these great 1986 images.)

Here's another one (above) looking north from the vantage point of Broadway Feed & Pet Supply, a great old store that was located at 1605 Broadway. It was another one of my central Lorain Saturday morning stops (along with Bob's Donuts and First Federal Savings) usually to buy my father some niger thistle bird seed for his feeder. It sure was an interesting place – and I hated to see it close.

Off in the distance you can see the former Mister S restaurant (which by the time this photo was taken had only been Gyro House for a year or so) as well as LaGana's, the big red brick building on the left far off in the distance.

Here's the shot from this weekend.

In 2011, Gyro House is now Gyros and More, and LaGana's is now Auto Color & Equipment. Off in the distance Broadway dips to the left because of the Frank Nardini Underpass. The Route 57 sign is moved out a little north, and the weeds are still a-sprouting from the curve.


Rich Pryor said...

Hello Mr. Brady I just wanted to say hi. I am the newest blogger to be listed on the MJ blog list media lab. I love these photos. I graduated from Clearview in 1989 so I feel like I am reliving some good memories. I have a few ideas for your page if you are interested e-mail me Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

-Alan D Hopewell here....

Dunno if I'll ever get used to the way Lorain looks my mind, there's no underpass on Broadway, and you can still get Colt .45 on tap at the Angry Bull.

Anonymous said...

Who owned Broadway feed? I think my father in law said a cousin of his owned it at one time.
Mary Springowski

Patricia Ceh said...

Joseph and Irene Ceh owned Broadway Feed and Pet Supply. It closed in 2005. They loved working in the store.
their daughter Pat