Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Fun in Lorain 1969

Here's an interesting article about the ambitious playground program Lorain used to have in the 1960's. It's from a Lorain Journal of early June 1969. (Give it a click so you can read it.)

I've blogged before about growing up on Skyline Drive. I remember walking down to Willow Park with my siblings so we could take part in some of the summer activities going on down there. I remember it was a lot of fun, with some great college kids running the whole thing. Besides the organized games, there were lots of crafts too.

Willow Park was such a great setting. The woods used to be dark and thick, and great to explore, although you could only go west along the creek so far. I know we used to catch a lot of minnows and crayfish in there. What we did with them, I don't remember!

As for today, Lorain's website makes reference to a youth summer playground program, but on the schedule page it says,"The summer playground program will not be held in 2011 unless funding is received."

I feel sorry for the kids.

Willow Park


Loraine Ritchey said...

I remember Mirium Snyder she was so lovely and welcoming to me as a new bride and new resident when I came her in the 70's she used to do a lot with the follies as well.thanks for the memory

Lisa said...

I'll bet I still have the braided lanyard I made - complete with my skate key on it - around here somewhere. I also played summer softball for Longfellow for a *few* years. Those were the days, weren't they? Kids today can't even imagine what they are missing out on.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

The Summer Parks Program was so cool....we generally went to Pawlak (then City)Field, where the activities were run by a young lady who, looking back, bore a striking resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres.