Tuesday, July 5, 2011

St. Joe's Then and Now

Dennis Lamont also sent me this vintage postcard circa 1936 of Lorain's St. Joseph's Hospital (since it was mentioned in the Morning Journal here that – alas – this part of the building is scheduled to be demolished).

Well anyone who reads this blog knows what happens when I get my hands on a vintage postcard of an extant structure: I have to go out and shoot it! And that's what I did on Sunday.

It certainly looks different; all of the ornamental architectural touches were removed, leaving... a big box. Still, it will be sad to see it go.


Anonymous said...

I just hate to see the old building go, if you were from Lorain that's where you were born. Generations of my family were born in that hospital, including me. I can say though that am proud to say my daughter was born in Lorain, though i may live in Elyria now, she was born at Mercy. Not the same, but she can say like me she was born in Lorain along with the rest of us...Dana

Dan Brady said...

I agree--it's where almost everyone in my family was born as well. St. Joe's was one of those iconic things that defined Lorain. Unfortunately, too many of those things are disappearing or being torn down, leaving an empty husk of a town!

Anonymous said...

Just me, -Alan.
As kids, we practically grew up in St.Joe's ER durung the summer....cuts, bruises, the Imfamous Rock Fight of 1964, in addition to being born there, and dealing with various illnesses over the years.

It's a shame.