Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking Towards Lorain Monument Works Then and Now

Getting back to 1986... we already saw the view towards Gel-Pak. So here's the view in the other direction, looking north across the railroad crossing on Broadway.

And here's the 'now' shot.

I agree with Alan's comment from a few days ago. It's still strange using the underpass, especially since you hardly ever see a train. In my mind I still see it the way it was, with the Golden Dragon on my left as I rumble north over the tracks. 


ge13031 said...

When the underpass was built, no one could conceive of the NS line being a part time railroad. When the last railroad convulsions resulted in NS & CSX as the local railroads it was thought that the two parallel lines would split the traffic resulting in a large increase for Lorain. Instead the traffic was rerouted around Lorain leaving very few trains going through the town. When one of the bridge tenders retired, they never replaced him, instead locking the bridge in the up position for his shift! The only thing worse than the underpass would have been an overpass!

Anonymous said...

Riding down Broadway in the backseat of my parents Pontiac prior to my even being able to read, thought the Monument works was a hat shop.
Barely able to see over the front seat thought
the sign was of a hat! Years later who could remember the Stash Box and Sly.