Wednesday, April 6, 2011

William H. Root House Part 1

Recent photo of William H. Root House

A little further down U.S. 6 (Lake Road) to the west is another fine old lakefront home from the 1800's – the William H. Root house. It is located at the extreme western border of Sheffield Lake, opposite Root Road.

According to the book Preserving our Past (1976), published by the Lorain County Regional Planning Commission, the house was built by William H. Root, the son of Sheffield pioneer Henry Root. The book states that William H. Root ran a mill on the Black River where it meets French Creek,

Architecturally, the house is wood frame, circa 1850 and is an example of the Greek Revival style.

Reproduced from the book "Preserving our Past"
This grand old house is about 500 feet from mine (and on the opposite side of the street of course), and it's a pleasure to drive by it several times a day!

Tomorrow: More history of the William H. Root House

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Dan.... I enjoy reading about old Lorain all the fun and trouble we got into when we were kids.. On the beach behind Root House was one spot Lenny