Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Lorain - 1978

Here's something I found recently at the Lorain Public Library. It's called New Lorain Report No. 4, and was produced by the Lorain County Regional Planning Commission back in August 1978.

The report focused on Washington Park and the nearby Broadway shopping district, and it proposed various ideas on how it could be redeveloped. It was part of a series of five reports that together provided a blueprint for a New Lorain.

The study was pretty interesting and had a lot of great ideas that unfortunately never came to fruition. What was especially interesting to me, though, were the photos used to accompany the text. They provided a look back at the Lorain of the 1970's.

Here are a few of them. Click on each for that you-are-there feeling!

Palace Theater before restoration

Right above Faroh's Candies was Alex Visci's Music Instrument Repair Shop

The Fish House


fancycat said...

I think that was LaGana's Fish House

Dan Brady said...

You know, you're absolutely right! (I just remember it as LaGana's, but I went with the book's caption since I don't trust my rusty memory any more!)

Darlene Jacovetti said...

Ted Jacob's My Favorite Store In the Day.... :)
Spent Way Too Much Money There >>>> LOL