Monday, April 18, 2011

Loading up the Lakeview Park Easter Basket – 1958

Here's a classic Lorain holiday ritual captured on film in 1958. (Give it a click for a larger view.) Of course, it is the installation of the giant Easter eggs in Lakeview Park's famous Easter Basket. The photo appeared on the front page of the Lorain Journal on Saturday, April 5, 1958.

Here's a link to the equivalent 2011 scene on the Morning Journal's website, although the function is now performed by Lorain County Metro Park workers.


Ken said...

Wasn't there an incident where someone stole the eggs? Dadgum teenagers!

Dan Brady said...

Hi Ken,

Rona Proudfoot of the Chronicle Telegram has a good tale of Lakeview Park Easter Basket egg-napping in her article about the history of the Lorain icon from April 2009:

Dan Brady said...

And here's a link to an accompanying article to the link above: