Monday, April 11, 2011

Elks Club Then and Now Part 1

Residence of A.N. Garver, M.D.

Last week at the library, I was thumbing through a facsimile copy of the 1895 Lorain Evening Herald Industrial Edition book (which I also mentioned back here) when I saw this photo. The caption read, "Residence of A.N. Garver, M.D." The article provided a short bio of the doctor and mentioned that "He has his office both at his handsome residence at No. 8 Bank Street, a cut of which appears in this article, and also at the "South End."

The photo is great, we see someone (maybe the good doctor?) watering the tree, as a child looks on from the porch steps.

Of course, I hoped I could do a 'then and now' shot of the house. Since Lorain renamed all of its streets (and renumbered addresses) just in time for the 1912 Lorain City Directory, once again I had to do a little cross-referencing.

It turns out that 8 Bank Street is now 203 Sixth Street – which is why the photo looked vaguely familiar to me. Today it is the home of the Lorain Elks. I pass it every time I go to the library!

And here is my shot from Sunday. I guess that tree that was being watered is long gone.


Loraine Ritchey said...

and I hate it when the put siding over windows errrrrrrrrrrrrr wonder what the good Dr. would say?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking into family of Lorain Oh. My grand fater was Dr. W.P. Garver. Is this the same garver family I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Thanks on your attention to details. I did some research as well on Dr. Garver's of Lorain. Charles came up roses as he was a son of Dr. Abraham Garver. And P.w. Garver a son of Charles.
The Lilly Hotel as well came into play with all of this as well.

Anonymous said...

correction: Dr. Abraham had a few sons, one was Charles. He became a doctor like his father, possibly studied in Vienna. He had a son, Wm P. Garver who also became a doctor. And Wm. P had a son, P. W. Garver who also carried on in the family tradition and became a doctor.

I believe that Charles married a Carroll and that is the family that produced the Carroll car, and ran the Lily Hotel.

I want to thank you for your research.