Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1958 Kline's Dept. Store Easter Ad

Keeping the Easter 1958 theme going, here's an ad from April 2, 1958 that appeared in the Lorain Journal. It's for the well-known Kline's Department Store and features more great rabbit clip art.

I'm sure most old-time Lorainites remember shopping at Kline's, and I'll be giving the store the proper historical treatment here in the blog in the coming months. My grandmother worked there for decades, so I want to do it up right!

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Anonymous said...

I think my mom bought all my school clothes at Kline's, mostly in the bargin basement. I remember it well. I liked running up and down the "back stairs".

Look forward to your Kline's blog - hope you have pictures.

Chuck - Jackson, MI