Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Power Plant Demolition

Over the weekend I drove over to see how the demolition of FirstEnergy's Edgewater power plant was coming along and to snap a few photos. (FirstEnergy is the parent company of the old Ohio Edison.)

Click here to read the Morning Journal's article about the demolition and to view some video.

According to the Morning Journal article, the plant has been there since 1919. At left is a vintage photograph courtesy of the Black River Historical Society's website.

It's hard to believe that the plant is no longer being used. I used to feel pretty good knowing that right there at the end of Oberlin Avenue, we had our own local power plant. I had no idea it had even been decommissioned.

I guess the real winners are the people on Lake Place who will enjoy a terrific lake view. I'm happy for them.

Earlier this year I was out taking pictures and decided to grab a few of the power plant on a whim. Here's what it used to look like back in May. Remember how green our lawns were back then?

Here's a pre-demolition shot from that same day to match up with the one at the top of this blog post.

And here's one that I took from the Bascule Bridge on the same day. Soon this view will be just a memory.

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