Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 1955 Lakewood Bakery Ad

Here's another vintage Halloween newspaper ad, this one from late October 1955. This ad is for Lakewood Bakery, which at one time had two locations in Lorain, including one on Broadway (the above ad announces its Grand Opening) and one at O'Neil Shopping Center. There was also an Elyria location listed.

The original Lakewood Bakery was founded in Lakewood, Ohio by Stefan Lodzieski.

I guess the other well-known bakeries in town such as DeLuca Bakery, Central Bakery and Bob's Donuts were too much competition for Lakewood Bakery, despite the fact that their baked goods in the ad sound pretty good to me. Old habits are hard to break, and I guess any new bakery would have had a tough time competing against those longtime Lorain favorites.

Lakewood Bakery on Broadway lasted until around 1960; the O'Neil Shopping Center store had already disappeared about a year earlier from the phone book.

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