Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn in Lorain County

I hate to say it, but autumn around Lorain County has been disappointing this year. The storms of the past few weeks stripped many of the trees of their leaves before they even changed colors. The leaves that are still on the trees are mainly green, with some yellow here and there.

The right weather conditions just didn't happen to make those really spectacular fall colors. According to the U. S. Forest Service website (here), you need a warm, wet spring, favorable summer weather and warm, sunny fall days and cool nights. The warm period that we're in right now isn't helping anything either.

Nevertheless, I still went out with the camera this past weekend in search of color and have a few shots to post here. (Click on each of them for that 'you are there' effect.)

As usual, the area around Gore Orphanage Road didn't disappoint. Here's a view looking north at Sperry Road.

And here's a view looking south, with Gore Orphanage Road going into the valley on the left and Sperry Road on the right.

Another area that usually has some color is the French Creek Reservation. Here's a few pix from the main road through the park.

Here's one more of Gore Orphanage Road.

Fall puts me in a pensive mood. I'm not one for poetry very much, but I like this poem. It's from the September 1957 'Autumn' issue of ideals.

Country Lanes
by Ruth Fortney Maxwell

Country lanes are calling me
Now that autumn is here...
I know just how they all are garbed
Since grass is growing sear.

The sumac waves a crimson flag,
The oaks are russet hue;
The bittersweet has sunset tints
And wild grapes still are blue.

The goldenrod is faded gold,
The ivy leaves have turned
From apple-green to coral red
While weeds to brown are burned.

The milkweed seeds have blown away,
But still the thistledown
Is clinging to its withered stalks...
A hoary, fluffy crown.

A beauty feast is all prepared
For those whose eyes can see
The tints and shades, the tones and hues,
Those lanes are calling me.


Ken said...

Sabotaged by Al Gore.

Julie N. said...

Dan, I actually think that the fall has been pretty nice this year! I have noticed a lot of pretty trees while driving around the past couple of weeks. Just yesterday I took the kids to Vermilion River Reservation - one of my favorites! It was a perfect fall day with a clear blue sky to contrast with the trees.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Julie,

You're right, I'm kind of revealing my bias in favor of the Lorain County cities near the lake! I did notice some nice color along I-90 in Westlake, on Route 611 near James Day Park and strangely enough, on W. 58th in Cleveland!

I'll have to head down to Mill Hollow (another favorite) and see what you're talking about. Maybe even venture down Route 83! Thanks for the comment, Julie!