Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slumber Inn Ads fron the 1960's

Here's a 1965 Elyria phone book ad for the Slumber Inn, showing their unique cartoon mascot.

And here's a newer ad (below) from 1968 with a nice architectural rendering of the building, as well as a map showing the convoluted way of getting to the motel!
I'm not sure why the newer ad had the strange "A-" added to the name. (If anything, you'd want your motel to be A+!) The ads varied from year to year in the phone book, giving me the impression that the motel wasn't part of a national chain.


Ken said...

Probably to bump them up to the front of the (alphabetical) listings.

Anonymous said...

Exactly it. Only way to do better would be AAA-Slumber Inn.