Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wonderful World of Ohio Map Part 2

I mentioned how this map had left an impression on me as a kid. Here's why: the cartoonist who did the illustrations really knew how to draw cute women and put them all over the map! I know it seems kind of sexist today, but apparently back then it was okay.

Here's an example from the map of what I'm talking about.

As someone who has drawn cartoons all his life, I can tell you that it is very difficult to draw a good cartoon of a woman - especially a pretty one! Even now, I still can't do it – even with a woman around the house for reference! Whoever the unsung artist of this map is, he sure had a knack for it.

I do like the artist's simple style. It's harder than it looks to draw some of this stuff – especially since the scale is so small. Plus, judging from the thick and thin lines, it looks like he inked it with a calligraphy-type pen (dipping his pen tip in the ink bottle, drawing a few lines, dipping the pen again, etc.)

Anyway, the map is a lot of fun to look at since there is so much going on, sort of a color version of the Vacationland map from one of last week's blog entries. Plus, it is interesting to see what places and things are included and what is left out. Some of them will leave you scratching your head!

Here's the section including Cleveland and points east. (Give each of these map chunks a click for a large view!)

Here is the section containing Lorain and Vacationland. (I guess there aren't any towns between Lorain and Sandusky!)

Here's the section containing Columbus. (Ohio State University looks like an afterthought!)

And lastly, here's the southeast part of the state, along with a funny illustration of a pipe-smoking, stereotypical 1950's dad.

Oh well. Hope you enjoyed looking at this stuff. And remember....

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