Monday, August 16, 2010

Farewell Trip to Prehistoric Forest Part 2

The last time I was at Mystery Hill (back in the 1980's), guides stayed with you every step of the way to demonstrate the various mysterious phenomena and entertain you with rehearsed patter. But it's a self-guided tour now, which is fine with me, because you can loiter!

After my brief dizziness spell, we approached the Mystery Shack. Outside, water was indeed running uphill and downhill!

There are signs in each room explaining what mysterious phenomena is taking place and instructions telling you what to do. First up was a chair with its back legs resting on a beam and its front legs suspended in the air.

When you sat in it, it looked something like this. It's a little hard to see, but the front legs of the chair aren't touching the ground!

Next was a strange table on which we were instructed to stand. I climbed up on it for the photo op and here is the mind-boggling result!

This is the classic gag that appeared on several vintage postcards for sale in the gift shop. It's a great illusion!

The rest of our tour of Mystery Hill was fun. Walking through the rest of the shack was a challenge, like walking on a ship that was leaning to one side. Or if you prefer, it felt like being drunk!

There was a display outside where you could roll a tennis ball uphill. Again, a pretty good gag! (I'm a sucker for these examples of good clean, wholesome American Roadside hokum!)

But with the Mystery Hill part of our journey over, it was time for the part that I'd been waiting for: Prehistoric Forest!

Next: Into the Forest!

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