Sunday, August 15, 2010

Farewell Trip to Prehistoric Forest Part 1

Over the weekend, I took a little trip in a time machine. Actually two trips – one to One Million B.C. and at the same time, a shorter jaunt back to about 1965. I'm talking of course about my visit to Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill out in Marblehead.

I had mentioned earlier that my family had gone to Prehistoric Forest back in the early 1960's and the visit had left a big impression on me. The attraction had reached mythological status in my mind, and when I found out that it was closing this year, I knew I had to go back one last time. I wasn't disappointed!

When you arrive, you are greeted by the site of a volcano with an impressive waterfall, along with a huge dinosaur (like on a Sinclair Oil Company sign) nearby. Other years, I seem to recall that the volcano was more gaudy-colored, almost pink.

After purchasing our tickets, we waited in a holding area outside (near a giant turtle) to await the arrival of our 'guide' – who turned out to be a boy of about ten years old. (I couldn't resist asking him is there wasn't some sort of child labor law violation taking place.) Our young guide then led us to the Mystery Hill area of the complex.

Mystery Hill is similar to other attractions around the country (with names like the Mystery Spot) where all sorts of strange natural phenomena take place. At these places, the laws of gravity have been revoked; water runs uphill, balls roll uphill etc.

Our young guide enlisted our help in the first demonstration of mysterious happenings by having us stand, facing each other, on two seemingly level short concrete pedestals. (He even put a level on them to prove he was on the level.) The idea was that two people of the same height would actually appear to be different heights depending on which pedestal they were standing on. Unfortunately, since I am taller than my wife, I was taller than her no matter which pedestal I stood on! (I tried to help the illusion by secretly squatting.) Our guide was not amused.

After this demonstration, we were led to the fenced in trail leading to the mystery shack, where we were promptly abandoned by our guide. (Other years, the guides would accompany you the whole way, but now it is a do-it-yourself tour.)

I gotta admit, when we first approached the mysterious shack, I got a little bit dizzy! Maybe this place wasn't for 50-somethings after all!

Next: Inside the Mystery Shack

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Ken said...

But even when its gone, you'll be able to see it behind David Spade and Chris Farley in their epic battle in Tommy Boy.