Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oberlin Avenue Carpet and Drapery Shop

Here's yet another photo from that 1968 Greater Lorain Chamber of Commerce booklet that I first mentioned here. It shows the Oberlin Avenue Carpet and Drapery Shop, a landmark Lorain business at 1705 Oberlin Avenue that many of us passed on our way to the Lorain Creamery nearby.

I always liked this building. It had a real stately appearance with the vines growing up the front and sides of the brick building, and its tidy appearance seemed to mesh well with its decorating-themed business.

And now for a little history. The first business to occupy this building with the big "1923" on the front was Marks' Cleaning Works. The company first turned up in the city directory at this location in 1924, after having been located previously on Seventh Street. The company's specialties included rug manufacturing and cleaning, mattress and feather renovating, and upholstering.

Marks' Cleaning Works was in business at the Oberlin Avenue location until around 1946, when it disappeared from the phone book. Within a few years, however, Oberlin Avenue Carpet and Drapery Shop appeared at that address and continued to occupy the building for more than four decades.

Oberlin Avenue Carpet and Drapery Shop may have been the only local company in the carpet and rug field that didn't use a flying carpet-riding genie or sultan in its telephone directory ads, an observation that I made here over on my other website that honors local advertising mascots. (The funny thing is, in the back of my mind, I vaguely remember a sign on the side of the 1705 Oberlin Avenue building with a guy on a flying carpet!)

Anyway, Oberlin Avenue Carpet and Drapery Shop vanished from the Lorain phone book around 1998. About a year later, the building became the home of The Board Room, a company that sells a complete line of both unfinished and finished furniture. Here's a link to their website.

While it's sad to see a longtime Lorain business go away, it's always good to see a new firm enjoy success at the same location. And speaking of the location, here is what it looks like today. It looks pretty much the same – even the sidewalk!

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Dockboy said...

My mom and dad owned the store. I helped with the deliveries during the summer time. Lots of good times.