Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Coliseum Part 4

After the Coliseum burned down, the site remained vacant for a few years. Around the mid-1950's, a Howard Johnson's was built on the front of the lot, claiming the 2812 West Erie Avenue address (formerly assigned to a two-family apartment adjacent to the Coliseum). Around 1960 or so, the Beachcomber Motor Lodge was built behind it at the Coliseum's old 2800 West Erie Avenue address.

With the Coliseum gone, it was up to someone else to carry on the skating rink legacy on the west side of Lorain. A little further west of where the Coliseum was located and on the other side of the road, the Lorain Arena opened on April 2, 1955 at 3709 West Erie Ave. It closed around September 1972. A few other businesses then occupied the building, including Motor Homes Inc. and Penton Imports Motorcycles. Most recently, the building was the Kerr Beverage complex (now closed). Click here to see its link on the Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty website.  

And what about the businesses that succeeded the Coliseum? Today Howard Johnson's is now the popular Chris' Restaurant. And the Beachcomber Motor Lodge is now the Erieview Motel (See photo at top, looking north at the property and at left, approaching the property on Route 6 from the east.)

Further west on West Erie Avenue, Skate World Roller Skating Center at 4952 West Erie Avenue  continues the tradition of west side skating. It's located on the site of the former Benny's Motel and has been there since about 1975.

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