Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All the Dairy Best to Sheffield Lake

Although I've lived in Sheffield Lake for ten years, I haven't given it too much attention on this blog. As a result, when I do stumble upon something with a Sheffield Lake connection that's even mildly interesting, I try to get it onto this blog ASAP to ease my guilty conscience.

Here's something that fits into that category. It's a 1959 newspaper ad for a Dairymens facility in Sheffield Lake. (Click on it for a larger view.) It appeared in a Lorain anniversary edition of the Journal, so consequently the focus of the ad is that Lorain is growing so rapidly that Dairymens added a Lorain County delivery station.

It's interesting that a Cleveland dairy would make such inroads into Lorain County, since there were already so many dairies out here at that time, such as Home Dairy, the Lorain Creamery and Clovervale Creamery. I guess since home delivery was still big at that time, there was room for everybody. Now, more than fifty years later, all of the local dairies are gone, and only Dairymens in Cleveland is still around. Here's a link to the Dairymens website (although it doesn't seem to work very well.)

I drove up Abbe Road in Sheffield Lake in a futile attempt to see if the building pictured in the photo was still there. According to the address listed in the city directory at the time, the facility was located near or just south of where the railroad tracks cross Abbe Road. Today of course there is a huge overpass at that location, so apparently the building is long gone.

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