Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Admiral King High School was New Part 2

Here's a photo that ran in the Journal a few days before Admiral King High School opened in September 1961. And here's the article that accompanied it as well.

57,000 Students To Enter Area Schools This Week

Upwards of 57,000 public and parochial students will enter Lorain area schools this week as classes resume for another year.

While a few of the area schools opened today, most will begin the 1961-62 school year on Wednesday.

Students at one school, Tenneyson Junior High in Sheffield Lake, won't have to report until Thursday, however, as construction workers are still cleaning up the hallways. All other students in the Sheffield Lake public school district will report to classes on Wednesday.

Highlight of the new school year will be in Lorain, where Admiral King High School will be filled with students and teachers for the first time.

Construction on the new $4.5 million high school began in March, 1960, and although not completed will open Wednesday. Workers will remain in the building until mid-October, but according to Principal J. F. Calta they will not interfere with classroom studies.

A tentative total of approximately 2,050 students is expected at Admiral King when the doors are officially opened Wednesday morning.

Throughout Lorain, almost 14,000 students are scheduled to enter the public schools.

Lorain High School is expecting a population of a tentative 1,577 students, including 272 seniors, 309 juniors, 444 sophomores and 552 freshmen.

Total enrollment of the two high schools in Lorain will be approximately 3,625 students.

Teachers in the Lorain public school system attended a general staff meeting held at the LHS auditorium this morning. It was followed by a luncheon, sponsored by the Lorain PTA Council, at the Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church. In the afternoon teachers reported to their respective schools for further meetings.


Student populations sure aren't what they used to be. According to information found on a website called Public School Review, there are approximately one thousand less high school students in the two high schools in Lorain now as there were in AKHS and LHS in 1961. (3,625 students in 1961 versus 2,660 now.) In my opinion, if Lorain waits a few years, it won't even be necessary to build a new high school, whatever its name may be.

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