Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Lorain City Hall & Police Station Part 5

Remember when I said that I'd visited the old central police station as a kid while working on a science project on forensic science? I remembered getting a tour of the jail and taking a few pictures with my trusty Kodak 126 camera. Well, it turns out that I still had the film negatives (from around 1972) – and the above image is the proof. (Click on it for the full "You are there" effect!)

Now that is how a jail cell should look – dark, filthy and disgusting. Note the names scratched into the walls, and the uncomfortable beds. And check out the toilet! Sorry, Charlie – toilet seats are for free men! If I didn't know better, I'd believe it if someone told me that this was right out of Alcatraz.
Seeing this as an eighth grader probably convinced me to stay on the straight and narrow!


Ken said...

Actually I think this is a picture of your dorm room at Ohio State.

Dan Brady said...

Naw, there'd be an Ohio State pennant on the wall, and a raccoon coat and porkpie hat hanging on a hook!

Ken said...

You forgot the ukelele.