Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old Lorain City Hall & Police Station Part 3

Here's a photo that ran on the front page of the Journal on Tuesday, December 4, 1973. It accompanied the lead story, which was written by Staff Writer Steve Sidlo. The headline read: Dedicate New City Hall Dec. 16
"With little fanfare and no speeches, the end of an era in Lorain's history was marked last night as City Council met for the last time in regular session in the old council chambers," the story began. "Mayor Zahorec announced this morning that council will meet Dec. 17 for the first time in the new council chambers in the nearly completed city hall complex."
"For the last half-century the now-dilapidated, old city courtroom has served double duty as the place where a good portion of Lorain's laws were passed."
I guess nobody was feeling particularly sentimental about the old City Hall. The article also noted, "The only ceremony at the meeting was when councilmen posed for photographs of their last session in the old chambers."

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