Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Closing the book on "An Open Book" by Michael Dirda

Gee, I've been so distracted by all of the ruckus surrounding the high school situation in Lorain that I forgot to wrap up my look at An Open Book by Michael Dirda. Like I said, I enjoyed the book very much. It gets a little ponderous at times with a lot of literary references, poetry and lists of books, but I think Dirda was just trying to encourage others to read just for the enjoyment of it.

As someone who is big on nostalgia, I think it's great that Dirda wrote a book that contains references to the places and things that symbolized Lorain at the height of some of its most prosperous years. His book will help keep them alive for future generations (although I'm sure there will always be a Yala's Pizza.)

For those of you who haven't read the book, but would enjoy a taste of Dirda's Lorain memories, here's a link to a great essay entitled "Sweet Lorain" that he wrote for Preservation magazine.

Photo of Michael Dirda courtesy of the Library of Congress website.

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