Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Lake Road Bridge over Beaver Creek Part 1

One of the neat things about late fall is that all the leaves are off the trees, and you can get a good look at things that were previously hidden by foliage – like old road alignments.

Since I'm an old road junkie, last weekend I took a look at the old US 6 roadbed behind Beaver Park Marina. For years I have seen on local maps a chunk of bypassed US 6 called "Old Lake Road" that ran behind Beaver Park Marina after crossing Oak Point Road. But I've never been sure whether the old roadbed was still there.
After paying a visit to the area last week, I think it is. The corresponding maps of the area (from 1896 and 1972) show Old Lake Road crossing almost diagonally across Beaver Creek. (Click on each map for a super-sized view.) I labeled the old map so that you could match up the current names of the roads.
The 1972 map shows that when the new alignment of Lake Road was built, Oak Point Road was apparently extended to meet it.
I'll upload some photos in Part 2.

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Ken said...

It looks like it is there. I think they moved Beaver Creek, though.