Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas 1960: Shoreway Shopping Center

Here at the blog, I'm going to celebrate Christmas with a series of local ads with a Christmas theme – all from 1960. Why Christmas 1960? No special reason for choosing that season, except that it was a time when most of the shopping centers in Lorain County were new. That means they were still heavily promoting their stores, which made a lot of lively and memorable newspaper ads. I'll throw some other ads in there as well.

First up: an ad from the Shoreway Shopping Center in Sheffield Lake. (Click on it for a larger image.) The Shoreway Shopping Center may be going through a metamorphosis in 2009, but in December 1960 it was still pretty new. I love this great ad with Santa perched on a rocket. (Why do I think of the ending of Dr. Strangelove when I look at this ad?)
Note how Route 301 was Lake Breeze back then, not Abbe Road as it is now.

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