Friday, July 24, 2009

Lorain Creamery: Scoop 5

It seems that the Lorain Creamery hung on as long as it could. A 1983 ad (above) still advertised home delivery. But by then, having a milkman come to your home was an anachronism.
   Both the Creamery and the Parlour were still in the Lorain phone book in 1987. But sadly, the Creamery disappeared from the book in 1990 with the Old English Parlour  following in the mid-1990s.
   I'm sure many Lorainites remember going down to the Lorain Creamery for those great ice cream cones. Part of the entertainment was eating your cone right there and watching the trains go by. I even remember seeing a hobo once in a while in the 1960s, riding beneath some of the trains. (Maybe they were out-of work milkmen.)
  I have fond memories of the Old English Parlour too. It was the perfect place to bring a date, although now it sounds like something out of Archie comics.
   Be sure to post your Lorain Creamery and Old English Parlour memories!


Gretchen said...

this is random...but i used to go to the Old English Parlour all the time as a kid and i always got this orange malt. Recently i have been craving it but have no idea how it was made! I wish i could ask the old owners!

Anonymous said...

The last time I was there was in 1974. I moved back to Lorian in 1990, only to find that my city was gone!

RIP Lorain, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

A burger and a shake from the Parlour was one of my great childhood memories. The structure was still standing as of a few years ago. It would be cool if somebody would re open it

ldysunrise said...

Old English Parlour was the best

Paul Gray said...

Orange Malt--1oz Malt. 4oz milk,3-3oz scoops van.IC. 2oz orange flavor.
Paul Gray Founder of Old English Parlour & part owner Lorain Creamery.

Anonymous said...

Lorain Creamery used to have a HUGE sundae, maybe 12 scoops...and "Himalayas" of whipped cream....maybe it was called the "Dreamer's Delight"? Anyone remember?