Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lorain Creamery: Scoop 2

Around 1924, the gentlemen who would turn the Lorain Creamery into something special came into the picture: Daniel Gray, Wellsley Gray and Roy S. Deal. Their names replaced that of Sumner Crooks in the directory that year.
   I have tried to determine if the Grays worked at the Creamery before they replaced Crooks (what a name!) but I was unsuccessful. All I could find out is that both Grays were students in 1919.
   Maybe someday a family member will find this website and the post the story for our readers.
   According to the city directory, the company remained at 212 Seventh Street until 1929. By the time the 1931 edition was published, the Lorain Creamery was at its well-known Oberlin Avenue location by the railroad tracks.
   A 1931 ad (with the cow) for the Lorain Creamery is shown above, along with a 1934 ad touting the benefits of buttermilk.
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