Friday, July 31, 2009

Get your 1968 Cleveland Indians scorecard, here!

Okay, so the Cleveland Indians aren't so hot this year. Here's something to take your mind off their lackluster performance: a Cleveland Indians scorecard that I saved from a 1968 game against Minnesota.
Back then, my Dad would take my brothers and me to at least one Indians game each summer. That's because we used to get free tickets from the Cleveland Press for submitting school report cards with all A's. Then we would exchange the crummy freebie seats for some better ones. (We got a lot of mileage out of those report cards, because we also took them to Manners for a free Big Boy!)
It was pretty exciting for us to go to an Indians game back in the 1960s. First there was the novelty of the drive on US 6 to Cleveland. Then, once we got past Clifton Blvd., the excitement would build as we watched the old Municipal Stadium loom into view from the Shoreway.
The biggest thrill was inside the stadium as we ran up the ramp and caught a glimpse of the inside of the stadium. Wow!
We always brought our baseball gloves, hoping to catch a foul ball. But we never did.
After the game, we would loiter, hoping to see a ball player, any ballplayer, and get some autographs. We got a few that way: Vern Fuller, Tony Oliva. We would chase the players all the way up to Public Square. Thinking about it now, it seems kind of quaint.
Anyway, stop back at this blog next week as I rip the cover off this 1968 scorecard (not literally, of course) to show you some of the goodies inside!

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