Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digging around the old box of photos Part 4

While looking at the rubble that used to be Lorain High School's gymnasium, I thought about the good old days when Lorain could support three high schools. I remember that when Admiral King played Lorain High, it was like Ohio State playing Michigan. The two schools truly hated each other. (Even their marching bands hated each other.)
   I've been out of high school more than 30 years, so I don't know if the same kind of rivalry currently exists between Admiral King and Southview. I kind of doubt it.
   Even though I'm not particularly upset right now with Lorain High School being demolished, I will get my turn someday when the wrecking ball swings towards Admiral King; it sounds like that is the tentative plan: to consolidate both current high schools at a brand new high school at the site of the old St. Joseph Hospital. Whether that ever happens or not remains to be seen.
   Anyway, I dug this old photo out from August 1995. It shows the outside of George Daniel Field the way it used to look, with the big, manly painted block letters that spell out ADMIRALS - SAINTS - STEELMEN. (Click on it for a larger view.) I like it better than the current signage (at right).

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Anonymous said...

2 Thougts always cross my mind when I see that stadium...1. Its a hop skip and a jump from my grandmas old house on W 27th....the other is that JFK spoke there. His speech that day can be found on the web.