Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Central Bank Ad – January 1, 1969

Although the print ads for many banks these days are fairly stodgy and humorless, that wasn’t the case 50 years ago. That’s when the ad above for Lorain’s Central Security National Bank ran in the Lorain Journal’s January 1, 1969 edition.

As you can see, the stylized ‘wise old owl’ (with specs perched on his beak) is sitting right on the Central Bank Logo.

Central Bank seems to be getting a lot of exposure on this blog lately. I ran several vintage ads for its Christmas Club last month. And over the years, I’ve devoted posts to its Broadway location, its innovative 1952 drive-through, the Grand Opening of its Colorado Avenue branch, its Avon branch, and the bank's roots as the Penfield Avenue Bank.

Anyway, the wise old owl cliché is still going strong in the 2000s. Need proof? Watch the YouTube compilation below.

Hey, that video doesn't include the funny owl voiced by Norm McDonald in the America’s Best commercials !
I still wish Wise Potato Chips would bring back Peppy, their owl mascot (below).

I email the company every couple of years to make my case for Peppy's comeback on the packaging, but have yet to get a reply!

Hey, speaking of Wise Potato Chips, how would you like a meat loaf recipe that uses that particular salty snack as an ingredient? Intrigued? Then stop back here next time (and pick up some Wise Potato Chips so you'll be ready).


Mark said...

5% interest? Wow lol

Anonymous said...

The wise owl in the print ad reminded me of the bank scene in the movie Stir Crazy where Richard and Gene dressed up as birds to promote the bank. Oh the things we remember!

Jackson MI