Monday, July 16, 2018

How the Kayann Got Its Name

Vintage Postcard
If you live in the Lorain area, I’m sure you’ve driven by the Kayann Motel & Apartments on East Erie, just west of St. Anthony Church, many times.

Once advertised as “Lorain’s Finest Luxury Apartments & Motel,” it was only a few years ago that the signs indicating that motorists were welcome were finally removed.

Did you ever wonder how the Kayann got its name? It’s revealed in the caption accompanying the photo below, which ran in the Lorain Journal on July 15, 1953. At the time, the first apartment building was under construction.

As noted, Ronald A. Whitbeck was the man behind the construction of the apartments. You probably guessed that the name ‘Kayann’ had some personal significance to Mr. Whitbeck. It was the combination of the middle names of his two daughters, Marlene Kay and Patricia Ann. Very catchy indeed!

Marlene Kay was mentioned on this blog before on this post. As “Miss Vacationland” of 1953, she was featured in a photo (below) congratulating Darlene Ehrlich, the winner in 1954.


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