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The One-Room Schoolhouse at Meister and Leavitt – Part 3

Aerial view of Port Mills Airport, 1929
My first big break researching the Black River Township schoolhouse occurred while I was researching the opening of the Port Mills Airport, which was located at the intersection of Meister Road and Leavitt Road. The airport stretched east about halfway down Meister Road.

In the above photo you can see a clump of trees at the intersection of Meister and Leavitt. And in that clump of trees is the old schoolhouse, which was about to be put to a new use.

Here’s a small article with a photo of the school by Rudy Moc that appeared in the Lorain Times-Herald on July 26, 1929.

It states, “Here is shown an exterior view of the administration building at Port Mills. This structure houses the offices of the company and the “schoolroom.”

“The building was formerly an old country school house but has not been used for several years. It is located on the southwest corner of the 136-acre site of the field.”

The Times-Herald also mentioned the school in an article in that same edition. It noted, "The "little red school house" located at the southwest corner of the big flying field already has been remodeled into a general administration and air pilot school room.

"In it is located the offices of the company and rooms, filled with desks and blackboards for the teaching of the pilot pupils in their ground course."

Another page featured the Rudy Moc photo again.

The Lorain Journal also covered the opening of Port Mills, and included a few photos of the schoolhouse in their article.

From the front page of the July 22, 1929 Lorain Journal
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Anonymous said...


Great research! Very interesting to know the airport was once located on the east side of Leavitt Rd. I remember it on the west side of Leavitt. The area of this airport was my Lorain Journal paper route (Meister, Reeves Ave, Mark Drive). It was route 616 for the old carriers out there.
Jackson, MI