Monday, August 7, 2017

Lorain County 125th Anniversary – 1947

Although I didn’t find time to include it in my postings last month, a Lorain County milestone was celebrated in Lorain back in July 1947: the 125th Anniversary of the founding of Lorain County. It even had its own special logo (shown at left) featured in various newspaper ads.

The actual creation of Lorain County dates back to December 26, 1822 when it was authorized by the Ohio government. In a short article by Rhea Soper Eddy in a special anniversary section of the July 7, 1947 Lorain Journal, she referred to the state legislature’s action as a "belated Yuletide gift.”

The article noted, “For more than a year the settlers had waited for the legislature’s enactment. The preceding year, Heman Ely, one of Elyria’s early pioneers, had started the movement to secure the organization of a new county.”

Nevertheless, Lorain was the host for the weeklong celebration because it was the largest city in the county. Lakeview Park was where most of the anniversary events were staged, although some were held throughout the county during the week.

On the opening day, there was a big parade from Washington Avenue to Lakeview Park, where a costumed pageant (described as a mardi-gras) was held. The seven-day celebration also included a Founder’s Day Picnic, historical displays, industrial exhibits, fireworks, games, a horse show, special movies, amateur boxing bouts, bathing beauty contests, the traditional Lorain Yacht Club Regatta, and an air show on the last day.

Although the county's birthday may not be celebrated again anytime soon, back in 1947 it seemed to be an important event. Perhaps the 200th Anniversary of Lorain County (which takes place in another five years) will be acknowledged, and hopefully boost tourism for this lovely area in which we live.

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