Friday, October 21, 2016

Manners Perch Dinner Ad – October 4, 1966

It's Friday! To many people, that means it's time for a fish dinner, perhaps a visit to American Slovak Home in Lorain, home of the best local fish fry.

Well, back in October 1966, another option was a trip to Manner's Big Boy Restaurants for their perch dinner.

As the ad copy says, dinner included Tasty Golden Brown Fresh Lake Erie Perch, French Fried Potatoes, Country Cream Slaw and a Freshly Baked Roll & Butter. Nice, light fare.

I wonder if Big Boy Restaurants could get away with using the word 'Whopper' in an ad today?

Anyway, at that point in 1966, Lorain had three Manners: at Leavitt and W. Lake Road (West Erie Avenue); Oberlin Avenue & Foster Park W. (Route 254); and Henderson Drive. Elyria's Manner's was at 146 Bridge Street.

The announcement that one would be built on Route 254 near Route 57 had just occurred that August.

Manners and Big Boy have been favorite topics on this blog since 2011.

The Big Boy mascot was in the news earlier this year, when he received an (ugh) makeover.
But I still prefer the original Manners version, the one familiar to Northeast Ohio fans of the double decker burger.

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-Alan D Hopewell said...

My personal favorite version of fresh Lake Erie perch was when my grandfather would catch a mess of them, clean them, then Ma would roll them in corn meal, and fry them crispy; I could daggone eat a whole platter of them by myowndarnself.