Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cleveland Barons vs Buffalo Bisons Ad – October 1949

Well, the National Hockey League opened its regular season yesterday, so it’s a good time to post this ad. It’s for the Cleveland Barons vs the Buffalo Bisons and ran in the Lorain Journal on October 28, 1949.

The Cleveland Barons were actually a minor league team in the American Hockey League from 1937 to 1973, but a wildly successful one at that. You can read all about the team's history here.

It’s not easy finding examples of this early Cleveland Baron mascot online.
Apparently he was popular enough to be manufactured as a 1959 bank (which you can purchase here).
And here he is on a pinback button.
I’ve noticed that the Richman Brothers clothing store seemed to be ground zero in Lorain when it came to purchasing tickets to professional sporting events. I’m not sure why. Here are a few other samples, one from the Browns (1946) and one from the Indians (1958).


Rick Kurish said...

Your mention of buying game tickets at Richman Brothers brought back fond memories of our family trips to Cleveland Indians games in the 1950s and early 1960s. There was a store named the Men's Shop on the square in Elyria that sold Indians tickets. We usually attended Sunday doubleheaders (remember them), so we got our moneys worth! We had a favorite seat section in the upper deck of the old stadium, without pole obstructions, that had a good view of the game. Since the old stadium was massive, and attendance usually sparse, my dad was usually able to get the tickets to what we considered "our" seats.

We usually went several times a year, and the biggest problem was whether my youngest brother would make it through the doubleheader without wanting to leave early! Fun times.

Dan Brady said...

What a nice reminisce to share! Thank, Rick!

Anonymous said...

My Father was part of this team. He was a helper in the dressing room under trainer Walter Robinson. He even has a championship ring from 1948 that he still wears today. We are still friends with Johnny Bower and visit him yearly. I would love to find a photo that my Dad was in. I have many photos from the Barons, but my Father lost some of the memorabilia in a flood including his team jacket.