Friday, July 1, 2016

Passing Scene – July 15, 1967

Well, it’s another Filler Friday! That is, I don’t want to get into anything new as it's the end of the week, and Monday is July 4th to boot.

So here’s yet another classic "Passing Scene" comic by Gene Patrick, which appeared in the Journal back on July 15, 1967 – right after the first Lorain International Festival. You might remember that one of the articles I posted last Sunday mentioned that Governor Jim Rhodes spoke at the Mayor’s Breakfast. He had suggested that Lorain promote itself aggressively, suggesting that the city hold “an international swim across Lake Erie.”

That kind of rang a bell in my memory about another of the Governor’s proposals for Lake Erie, and Gene Patrick must have thought the same thing. Consequently, Mr. Patrick good-naturedly teases the Governor in one of his cartoons.

Other panels include a humorous reference to longtime Journal Woman’s Editor, reporter and columnist Lou Kepler (whose articles I have posted many times), as well as a novel way for the Ohio Turnpike to make sure nobody gets away with not paying their toll.

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