Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sign of the Times

It’s always nice to get suggestions for blog topics from readers. I’ve received several in the last few months, so I’ll feature some this week.
Jeremy Reynolds has a job that requires him to travel a lot in the area. Last December, he contacted me with an observation about something he’d noticed that I might be interested in.

He wrote, “I saw your post about the vintage Route 42 sign. Maybe you can do a post about the vintage street sign at the corner of Hillsdale and West Erie. It’s one of those 1930s era signs, and the only one I know of still standing in Lorain.”

It was a good suggestion, as I’m always interested in examples of vintage roadside archeology that have somehow survived to the present.

I’d noticed that style of ornamental street sign over the years around Lorain (especially the rusty ones) but was not aware that they were becoming rare. Apparently the battered one at Hillsdale and West Erie was one of the last ones, which Jeremy noticed in his travels.

As it turns out, Jeremy’s suggestion was pretty timely.

Just in the last few months, the rusty, vintage sign was replaced by one of the new format signs (rounded edges with a white trim) that are becoming more common throughout that roadside corridor.

Just a tiny transition in the big scheme of things that reminds us that changes in our environment are alway taking place, whether we notice them or not.
Thanks to Jeremy Reynolds for his suggestion.

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