Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eddy’s Chalet West

1969 Lorain Telephone
book ad
Although my surname is Irish, my heritage is mostly German – and consequently so were the ethnic foods my Mom prepared when I was a kid (unless you count the occasional bowl of Lucky Charms).

My parents enjoyed going out to German restaurants, particularly Der Braumeister in Cleveland. But I'll bet they would have enjoyed Eddy’s Chalet West too, which was located at 32489 Center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville. It wasn't really a German restaurant, but Mom made many of the same dishes served there.

The back of the vintage postcard (which appears courtesy of reads, "Northwest Ohio's Authentic Chalet Restaurant and Lounge. Specializing in Chicken Paprikash, Stuffed Cabbage, Hungarian Platter, Fresh Lake Erie Perch and Canadian Pickerel. Prime Steaks cut to order by Eddy."

Late 1960s ads for Eddy's Chalet West promoted the "new Edelweiss Room."

The book Legendary Locals of North Ridgeville (2014) by Carol G. Klear includes a nice page devoted to the history of the restaurant as well as its owner, Edward Ratusz. It reveals that the restaurant was originally known as the Green Parrot Restaurant when his parents bought it. Ratusz eventually took over the restaurant when his father retired, and renamed it Eddy's Chalet West.

Eddy's Chalet West closed in 1994 when Ratusz retired. The restaurant was sold, and became the Woods West. It later burned down, and today the property is vacant and for sale.
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1978-79 Lorain Phone Book Ad


Gary Smith said...

Used to go there quite a bit. Several times for Thanksgiving. Shortly after they retired Eddy and his wife both died in a car accident.

Anonymous said...

Seems a shame the Irish side of the family was negelected. didn't anyone want to learn about Irish foods or festivals. what a bout the Harp in Cleveland?

Dan Brady said...

Of course, you’re right, me laddie… so be sure to read how I rediscovered my Irish heritage here:

Also, the Harp is one of my favorite Cleveland restaurants! Love their fish and chips! I work about a mile away from it so it is a favorite place to meet people for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have embraced your Irish side too. Too bad there were no Irish dishes at home. I am glad that you can go to the Harp and enjoy your heritage!