Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Vian’s Part 7

During the 1960s, Nicholas Vian continued to regularly promote his restaurant and motel in the Journal and the Lorain Telephone Company directory.

Here’s a selection of ads from that time period.
July 3, 1964 ad from the Journal
July 4, 1964 ad from the Journal
October 10, 1964 ad from the Journal
1968 Phone Book Ad
1969 Phone Book Ad
Nicholas Vian passed away in March 1969 at his winter home in Riviera Beach, Florida after an illness of five years. But his daughter and her husband, Ethel and Stephen Izold, and her family had been assisting with management of the businesses for years, so operation of the restaurant, as well as the motel & cottages, continued without interruption.
Rick Kurish – whose mother-in-law was a waitress at Vian’s in the 1960s – sent me the short promotional newspaper article below which features a quote from Dick Izold, the manager at the time.
Count on area kids to rustle up the bait!
Vian’s - on - the - Lake, 3731 East Lake Rd., Lorain, has a lot to offer the vacationer. And, if the vacationer happens to have a boat on a trailer behind them, Vian’s is just the place.
The 25-unit motel, restaurant and cocktail lounge, all open to the public, sit right on Rts. 6 and 2. There are 10 housekeeping cottages.
Vian’s has five piers on the lake. Though manager Dick Izold says there are no boats for rent, there are a number of them available to motel or cottage guests.
No bait is sold, but there are, he says, “always kids around who can get it.”
For the guest who has trailered his boat to Vian’s, there is a hoist for in and out service.
Shoreway Shopping Center is just a short hop from Vian’s.
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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the look back at Vian's-on-the-Lake (that’s the name I remember). I recall eating dinner at Vian’s with my folks once or twice in the early 70’s. The motel was still up and running then. But my fondest memories were in the 80’s when my buddies and I would frequent the lounge and order the perch dinner on Fridays. The Hart’s were always a pleasure and I think they enjoyed a bit of a younger crowd frequenting their place. I was really disappointed when the place was redeveloped into condos.
Jackson, MI

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the Fresh Perch on Friday's ad from 1964. Long standing and tasty tradition!
Jackson, MI

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for your comments, Chuck! The Harts will be happy to see your nice reminisce.

Wireless.Phil said...

Never knew about the boats, but back then we already had one anyway.
I stayed there once and used to stop in the bar now and again.
All just memories now.