Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Polansky’s Thanksgiving Ad – November 22, 1947

November 22, 1937 Lorain Journal ad
By now, you’ve no doubt finalized your plans for Thanksgiving dinner, and bought your bird.

The last two years, I ordered a fresh turkey from Polansky’s Meat Market on S. Dewey Road in Amherst. It's not cheap, but I think you can taste the difference. It seems a little bit better, at least to me.

Getting your poultry from Polansky's has no doubt been a longstanding tradition for many people. But back in 1937, Polansky’s hadn’t expanded to Amherst yet. There was only the original location at 14th and Long Avenue in Lorain.

The ad shows what was available in the store for Thanksgiving, and ran in the Lorain Journal on November 22, 1937. It's interesting that you could go and check out the live turkeys – sort of like picking out a lobster.

The store also had ducks, geese and pork roasts. (My mother used to fix a duck and a capon for Thanksgiving when I was a kid – never a turkey.)

But a pork roast for Thanksgiving? It would seem un-American!

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Wireless.Phil said...

He moved some time ago.
Pork roast, no thanks.
Pork, in certain forms disagree with me, no more than 2 strips of bacon or I feel ill.
Must have something to do with my Jewish grandfather on my mother's side.